Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Does everyone else think Shawn Johnson....

is just the CUTEST sweetest thing on the planet?? I have been GLUED to the TV for days...staying up far later than I should, cannot PULL myself away from these Olympics!

Of course one of the highlights in the Olympics for me is always gymnastics...I get so emotionally involved with the gymnasts and the stories of thier lives....it is almost exhausting for me to watch them, I feel the butterflies right along with them. Watching Shawn Johnson's parents last night--as she finally won her gold medal--I was bawling right along with her sweet mom and dad....just that utter joy they were feeling on her behalf, and the relief...and the pride at her accomplishment. . .I had to reflect on the YEARS and the WORK that goes into becoming an olympic athlete, the devotion and the commitment it takes to perform at that level. You could see her mom just utterly worn out from emotion...it was one of the best moments in the olympics for me because it was so real and I was so truly happy she won. She is such a sweet gracious person...always congratulating her competitors, smiling at everyone...what grace and composure under such pressure!

I think I love to watch the Olympics so much because it is such DRAMA and it IS such pressure...and it is amazing to watch athletes perform at their best. It is so hard to DO exactly what you are supposed to DO at just the right time...to make your body overcome nerves and illness and injury...and put everything together and be able to say you are the best in the WORLD...can you imagine that feeling? It is amazing.....

meanwhile I am losing sleep and staying up until 2 am because I MUST watch it live....I don't want to just watch a replay the next day...It is kind've a relief that gymnastics and swimming are over...whew!

If you need a good laugh...read this article about Olympic Mascots....oh my goodness, it had Taylor and I in tears we were laughing so hard....I especially love the description of "Schuss"---"He was supposed to be a skier but looked instead like a giant tadpole balanced on an ice skate. There was nothing cute, cuddly or vaguely appealing about the Schuss, whose giant red head looked infected"---he he.... then the description of "Neve and Gliz"---"Gliz looked like a really pale bald guy who was trying to swallow a 46-inch television set. Let’s hope they never reproduce."

HILARIOUS...go read it, you'll love it:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally! A new listing...."Summers End"

Oh. My. Goodness. Is it just me, or does it feel like 5 years since I've listed anything? It was lovely having a wee summer break...but I really missed listing, there is something curiously addicting about it (as my husband can attest--he is sure I need some kind of 12-step program before I can wean myself from ebay...;))

Anyway...a cute little pinafore for Fall....with mushroom applique? Who doesn't want one of those???

I love fall...love the colors, love the way the light seems somehow diffused...LOVE it!

I have got SOOOO many plans for cool Halloween costumes this year...I love having an excuse to make something totally off-the-wall...that otherwise you'd have no reason to make!