Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally! A new listing...."Summers End"

Oh. My. Goodness. Is it just me, or does it feel like 5 years since I've listed anything? It was lovely having a wee summer break...but I really missed listing, there is something curiously addicting about it (as my husband can attest--he is sure I need some kind of 12-step program before I can wean myself from ebay...;))

Anyway...a cute little pinafore for Fall....with mushroom applique? Who doesn't want one of those???

I love the colors, love the way the light seems somehow diffused...LOVE it!

I have got SOOOO many plans for cool Halloween costumes this year...I love having an excuse to make something totally off-the-wall...that otherwise you'd have no reason to make!


Michelle said...

I just bid. ;)

Your photos are even more stunning than usual Nat. What lens are you using?

Kassie said...

holy heck! a miracle has occurred...tee hee. Kidding cute Nat! Love the outfit. Seriously wonderful!

Jus Shar Designs said...

Wow! This is simply gorgeous!

Natalee said...

oh I love you Michelle:)
you mean there is more than one kind of lens???he he....;)
I used my 55/200 lens...(I have a Nikon D60)....eventually I may
work up the courage (and knowledge) to shoot in manual mode...until
then I have to rely on that cool lens to make me look good:) I love the depth
of field it gives things...

Natalee said...

mooches you cute Kass! lets see a picture of a fabulous new cake posted
on your blog....shall we??:)

Natalee said...

THANK you so much!

FAB said...

I love your new banner! You have the most beautiful children. They all look like angels and have the same sweetest smiles!!

Jen said...

GAH! That dress is gorgeous. And look how big Reagan is. Wow, she's just beautiful.