Monday, January 19, 2009


All right...I know its been MONTHS and MONTHS since I posted...I cannot even begin to come up with the energy to explain myself...just chalk it up to busy-ness...and the holidays...and sheer "computer burn-out"... I really tried to just focus on real life things for the past few weeks (okay months) and NOT worry about online (which can almost seem real;))things for awhile--a fact which my family appreciated (well my IMMEDIATE family...all those family members that check in here for updates...sorry about that...)

We DID take a Christmas card photo...which...ahem...I have yet to mail ALL of them yet (so if you usually get one from me and haven't this year--don't give up hope!)

This was the front:

and this was on the inside:

We did have a lovely Holiday was very low-key and just us, and it was a great opportunity to start some of our own Holiday traditions and really spend time together. The kids had a fabulous Christmas...they ALL agreed it was the BEST one ever (Carter didn't have that many Christmas's to choose from, but he fully agreed with his sisters that this one was quite nice...)

soooo....OH yes, the reason for the title of this post??? Patty Young's fabric, finally available--and lots of ladies over on ebay put together a launch of just Andalucia should go check them out...

I LOVE these fabrics, they are so bright and fun...and perfect for outfits that defy the cold dreary weather outside right now (if we can't have sun, let's have some sunny bright clothes right?)

Here are my listings so far...I think I still want to make more! And some pics for fun...

We are actually planning a trip....just Howard and I...(gasp) without New Orleans and Las Vegas in two weeks--I still cannot quite believe we are going, but we already paid for the hotel and airfare, so maybe we are;) I shall blog more about THAT momentous occasion later...but for now I feel quite pleased with myself that I've managed to finally post...he he...and at least gave those of you who patiently still check in here SOMETHING new to look at!

Stay warm...


Angie said...

Natalee, I'm not sure you'll remember me. Its Angie McQuivey, Ryan's big sister.
Anyway, I found your blog through Audrey and put it on my google reader so I could see your cute clothes!
I live near New Orleans. Have you been here before? If you need to know anything, let me know. We've done a lot of the touristy things here since moving here almost 3 years ago.
My email is

Kassie said...

Quite lovely Nat. Thanks for finally getting around to it... :) hahaha