Saturday, September 27, 2008


OY.....I'm falling behind on updates here!
Here is some more fun costume pictures you might like to see...these auctions
have all ended...but they are always fun to look at! Maybe I'll have to add
a link at the side just for a costume slideshow...I get so many requests for pics of
all my costumes, that might be the way to go! is the "Bubble Dress" based on Galinda's (Glinda's) dress from the Broadway musical "Wicked"

Except of course...I added a bustle and a train--since EVERYTHING is improved with a bustle and train isn't it? (In my world, it IS...just agree with me...;))

Then let's see, here is a Carter-boy dressed as the Tin-Man...he was HILARIOUS walking around in this costume, most of my pictures were of him ripping the hat/hood off his head and throwing it down then running away laughing....he is SUCH a mischievious little scamp!

MOST Of the pictures looked like this:

then, is the WICKEDLY more evil character of the bunch...a version of Elphaba's dress from "Wicked"

You can check out the auction HERE...

I'm a bit much sewing and creating...SO little time....and little people around here keep making messes and demanding food and playtime;) Guess that is why most of my sewing gets done from 10 pm to 2 am...anyone else up at that time?

Give me a call...I'll be here...


Kassie said...

Cris n Nick said...

Where did you learn how to do these things? I thought I was the crap when I put pajama pants together for my son! I totally stink!
You are amazing!

randi---i have to say said...

Adorable! I can sew, but only basic items. I would be afraid to try to either one of those dresses. You are talented!